Meet Our Leaders

Pastor Trevor Williams Sr. was born and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey. Where he met and married his wife of thirteen years Co Pastor Diana Williams. Pastor Trevor and Diana Williams share six wonderful children. After much prayer and fasting the Williams family heeded the Voice and leading of God and relocated to Myrtle Beach for the work of the ministry.

Pastor Trevor J Williams Sr accepted The Lord Jesus Christ and received the baptism of the  Holy Spirit in 1991, at the age of 18. After seven years of being educated and indoctrinated in the Ministry of Deliverance and Urban Mission he accepted the call to ministry under the leadership of Pastor William Statham Sr. of Unto Full Stature Holiness Church, and was officially licensed to the Gospel Ministry.

Pastor Williams is currently enrolled in AMES Christian University, where he is pursuing a degree in Biblical Studies. He is a devoted student of Eschatology and Ancient Photographic Hebrew Language with thousands of hours of biblical studies. He currently serves as the  Senior Pastor and Founder of Christ 4ife International Inc  located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Co Pastor Diana Williams has worked in the field of  public service for over 15 years. It was while working as a NJ State Certified Emergency Medical Tech that she met Pastor Williams who was also employed as a EMT.B She is a dedicated worker in the ministry of helps serving as a Private Health Care Provider and as the Founder of  Compassion’s At The Door Ministry,  which is the one of the leading ministry’s of C4I CHURCH. She labors fervently caring for the sick and elderly, this is a work that she takes great pride in. She is a loving wife and caring mother after her high school graduation from Snyder High School in Jersey city NJ she furthered her education at Wesley College in Delaware ..

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