THE VOICE: JOHN 6:27 Don’t spend your life chasing food that spoils and rots. Instead, seek the food that lasts

into all the ages and comes from the Son of Man, the One on whom God the Father has placed His seal.

IN CONCLUSION: We are convinced that you are made for better things, the things of salvation, because God is

not unjust or unfair. He won’t overlook the work you have done or the love you have carried to each other in His

name while doing His work, as you are still doing. We want you all to continue working until the end so that you’ll

realize the certainty that comes with hope and not grow lazy. We want you to walk in the footsteps of the faithful

who came before you, from whom you can learn to be steadfast in pursuing the promises of God. HEBREWS 6:9-12

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